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More and more children in the US suffer from obesity

More and more children in the US suffer from obesity Researchers from Emory University, located in Atlanta (USA), held a series of observations that suggest that children who are overweight at preschool age, are much more prone to obesity in adolescence, though the risk is increased by several times.Scientists urge to concentrate all efforts to minimize the problem of obesity in young children.

The results of observations were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.Doctors are also concerned by the fact that in modern times children have a much greater body mass index than it was 50 years ago.Earlier, at the beginning of the 2000s, growth was recorded at the overweight teenagers, but younger children did not discussed.

As shown by a detailed analysis, many children are obese at the age of 6-11 years in the future were overweight.Scientists say that by studying the dynamics of the disease, they get all the necessary information on the nature of the epidemic, and therefore have every chance to prevent the problem of obesity among children.

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