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Cesarean section may increase the risk of obesity in the child

predisposition to obesity in a child can be identified by the way in which it will be born.So say researchers from the School of Medicine of New York University (USA).According to them, a caesarean section increases the risk associated with the development of obesity in the child in the future.

Doctors from New York University examined data for more than 10 000 children who were born in the US and the UK.The researchers found that most obese children who were born by caesarean section.Tellingly, overweight they usually begins to manifest itself in 10-12 years.At this age, parents need to monitor not only the figure of her child, but also to control the state of his health, since obesity is often associated with various diseases: diabetes, hypertension and others.

American doctors urge parents whose children were born by caesarean section, more closely to take care of your child's diet.

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