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Within a week, the weight can vary several times

Within a week, the weight can vary several times Doctors, nutritionists at the University of Cornell researchers, led by Brian Vansinkom during the research came to the conclusion that every person there are certain periods of weight gain and reduce it.For example, during the week, people usually lose weight, and at the weekend, on the contrary, slightly gaining weight.

Vansink Brian and his colleagues invited volunteers aged 25 to 62 years.All participants were divided into groups: one was losing weight people, the other - to gain weight, and the third - the people with the same weight.As expected, scientists, within a week all the participants in the experiment were observed weight reduction closer to Friday and Saturday.The only difference is that losing weight was established more rapid weight loss, starting immediately on Monday.Scientists believe that these fluctuations in weight - the norm for most people.

As the researchers say, the important thing is how many people are on a diet, lose weight during the week before the weekend.During the

weekend, according to experts, people have the right to afford some weaknesses, such as the time in the restaurant.

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