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Frequent consumption of chicken meat causes cancer

Frequent consumption of chicken meat causes cancer specialists from the University of Kansas (USA) found that regular consumption of chicken meat may cause cancer.It is necessary to immediately clarify that we are talking about chicken, grilled, and not about any kind of chicken.The same thing applies to smoked pork.According to the research, it became clear that these products may contain a huge amount of harmful carcinogens that cause cancer.

It is well known that almost all meats contain carcinogens.The smoked chicken concentration of these harmful substances is the greatest.When the chicken or pork are heat-treated (grill, barbecue skewers), hazardous substances that cause cancer, they become many times more.

Scientists believe that chronic administration of this food led to the development of gastric cancer, breast and colon.It is recommended to reduce the consumption of grilled chicken or is it without the skin.Experts also urge to consume as little as possible, any smoked dishes.

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