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Revealed acid, which helps to lose weight

Revealed acid, which helps to lose weight After celebrating the New Year and Christmas I'm sure many people have problems with excess weight, which could well gain for the entire holiday period.Methods to lose weight always abound, and all the time there are new ways as a result of research scientists.Recently, experts from the Harvard School found interesting stuff which can help a person cope with obesity as soon as possible.

This is a unique molecular structure, through which you can convert fat cells into useful material for burning calories.The fact that the physical load always simultaneously affect all cells and organs of the human body, and this occurs by PGC-1 protein.The protein activates genes for energy.Scientists believe that PGC-1 can activate and other types of cells, for example, white fat cells.

The idea is to transform harmful fat in the white useful "brown" with protein molecules.Currently, experts are developing a special acid, created on the basis of the protein PGC-1, which will help quickly and correctly to lose weig


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