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Scientists in Canada: blood group diet ineffective

Scientists in Canada: blood group diet ineffective If you stick to the diet according to blood type, the entire effect of the power will be only in the fact that a person loses weight due to vegetarianism or reduction of carbohydrates.So say researchers at the University of Toronto (Canada).In other words, diet blood groups by themselves do not provide efficacy.For the first time to eat blood group proposed a nutritionist Peter D'Adamo, wrote a book about nutrition.He was sure that people with different blood groups require a certain diet to lose weight or improve their health.

In 2013, Canadian scientists led by Ahmed El Soham conducted a study: during the month of experts collected information on their participants about diet and blood group.As a result, it became clear that diets which are offered to people from the second and fourth groups of the blood really help to lose weight, and can be recommended to all people without exception.Thus, the effect of these diets is completely independent of blood type.

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