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Expectant fathers need to take care of the diet now

Expectant fathers of their children to take care of the diet now As the recent research in the field of nutrition, at the time of conception current weight, diet and overall health of the men have a strong influence on the genes of the future baby.In other words, genes of the child (in particular, this applies to girls) significantly affect the health of his father.If a man has not adhered to proper nutrition and thus still had problems with obesity, his future daughter has a high risk of diabetes, and is prone to premature aging.

Experts from the United States conducted an experiment: they shared laboratory rodents into two groups, one of which consisted entirely of obese diabetic mice.Furthermore, representatives of the two groups mated with healthy females slim.As a result, the female mice born from obese animals had problems with the pancreas, and with great difficulty to process glucose, even if you follow proper healthy diet.

addition to premature aging and diabetes, obese children are not watching diet men may have in the future of chronic degenerative di


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