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How to take the drug fluoxetine for weight loss

How to take the drug fluoxetine for weight loss Fluoxetine (Fluoxetine and preparations Lannaher) - a well-known antidepressant prescribed for obsessive-compulsive disorders (they - obsessive-compulsive disorder, one of the most famous of its manifestations - the maniacal desire to sverhakkuratnosti), depression, bulimia and anorexia.It helps to reduce the appetite, which made some dieters perceive it as a drug for weight loss.

How to take the drug fluoxetine slimming

You should start with what to take an antidepressant in order to lose weight, at least unwise.Its effect on the brain is very strong, and loss of appetite - just a side effect.Fluoxetine treat depression - that is trying to enter at least a person in a state of equanimity to the environment, resulting eventually in the external lethargy and indifference - in some depressive states is really salvation for undergoing treatment.Doctors prescribe it in cases of bulimia and anorexia - for similar reasons, because these diseases, although associated with appetite, have a psychologi

cal nature.And to drink antidepressants, and "going out" of the course should be under medical supervision and it is not a pleasant process.

fluoxetine for weight loss: instructions for use

When depression is usually prescribed intake of 1 tablet (20 mg) daily (preferably in the morning) with bulimia and anorexia - 3 tablets in OCD - from 1 to 3. The minimum admission- 3-4 weeks.The maximum daily dose of either of the cases - 80 mg (i.e. 4 tablets).Prescribed by a doctor, available in pharmacies by prescription.

forbidden to receive while taking MAO inhibitors or immediately after their withdrawal.

is strictly prohibited during the course of alcohol or any substance with a narcotic effect if you drink even a glass of champagne or any alcohol cocktails in a period when taking this drug, you become very ill (nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of consciousness andetc.)

Side effects:

headache, dizziness, fatigue, dry mouth, increased sweating, decrease in sexual desire may decrease in visual acuity, breast pain, diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, noiseand ear pain, asthenia, dyspepsia, rash, bone pain, impaired sense of taste, and others.


allergy to the active ingredient, pregnancy and lactation, renal and hepatic disease, epilepsy, diabetes, MAO inhibitors.

other words, Fluoxetine - not the drug for weight loss. It is an antidepressant with strong and largely negative (especially visceral) influence on the body, issued by a doctor in the case where it is really necessary for the psyche.Loss of appetite - a side effect of the main action, which is not shown throughout the reception - for example, the reviews say that it occurs only in the first week, and then not at all.

Slimming as such, weight reduction, may not occur, especially if your appetite does not affect the cause of weight gain.Acceptance of a person not being ill or OCD or other depressive disorders, accompanied by a sudden apathy, lethargy, pronounced indifference to what is happening and lots of potential side effects.Fluoxetine can be addictive, and if you happen to somehow decided to start drinking it without a prescription, to withdraw from a course without medical assistance is unlikely.This is not a drug that can "try" just out of interest, choosing a weight loss program.

Fluoxetine: reviews lost weight

Zarina, 25 years old. A year later, after the birth of a child weighing 75 kg., Nerves were on edge, irritability, irascibility.I tried to use this medication, bought in a pharmacy.A week later, I became a little calmer, two weeks later, began to decrease the weight of 1 kg less.Use should be in the morning, once forgot to take a pill in the morning, I drank at lunch, in the evening for a long time could not sleep.A month later minus 5 kg, it has become quieter, but sometimes depression.In any case, of course you need to see a doctor, so he appointed a complex treatment.And applied strictly by the instructions to avoid any undesirable consequences.

Olga, 35 years old. During prolonged depression, I went to the doctor-psychotherapist who has written to me fluoxetine.After its use, my psycho-emotional state of health began to improve, but also the weight down.As I later learned that some women use this drug for weight loss.In fact, I do not advise you to do so, because serious Flu antidepressant.It can not be used on their own, especially for weight loss.It has a lot of side effects.If your goal is to lose weight, use of special drugs and take control of your diet.

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