Weight Loss

Soda baths slimming

Soda baths slimming technique is widely advertised on the Internet, calls for losing weight with the help of baking soda - throwing soda in hot water and taking a bath.In such advertising it is usually stated that the process quick and easy (indeed, to dissolve the powder in water, does not require much effort), and the result is visible immediately;as well as advised to conduct a series of procedures every day or at intervals of a day. However, losing weight with the help of baking soda - is not quite slimming.

Soda bath: a recipe

To make soda bath advised to fill an ordinary bath, standard size, with hot water, and the hotter, the better, and then pour into it 500 grams of salt (usually in a review,write that it is better to use a large, sea or rock or mixtures thereof), and 200 grams of baking soda.Then it is necessary to stir the water so that both salt and baking soda were dissolved completely, and lie in the bath for 15-20 minutes.

If you find it difficult to withstand the temperature of the water, sit down

, and do not lie down.After the procedure, you need to lie under a thick blanket in a warm room and lie down for about an hour.For those who do not want or can not dial a bath, douche advise - on problem areas need to pour the soda-salt solution, and then just lay down under a blanket for the same period of time.

Reviews argue that each procedure will give you -1-1,5 kg, soda and salt not only displays the fat from the body, but also help get rid of toxins, toxins and other harmful to the body of waste.

Of course, it is not.

Soda really used to dissolve fat when, for instance, cleaning utensils;it is a part of a number of cleaning agents, particularly agents of the old type (because of its impact on the surface of modern glassware, Teflon, for example, can not be called gentle).But that is another soda, another kind of fat and other impacts - direct.Hardly sane man in an attempt to lose weight drink dishwashing detergent, no matter how well it may dissolves greasy coating on the plates, and he did not come to mind to draw parallels slimming with the chemical composition of the active gel or powder tablets for dishwashers. human body - no utensils.

baking soda in the bath on the way body fat is not affected by working to reduce the weight of only the temperature - you sweat heavily on a combination of hot water and a chemical produced in the mixture of salt and baking soda;and you sweat more, when you go under the warm blanket.

you really weigh less due to the excretion of water, but, firstly, on the volume is not affected, and secondly, the water returns to the body like lightning, bringing all efforts to nothing - with the first breath of any liquid.


Cardiovascular disease, any problems with the pressure of the tumor (any), skin problems (such as dermatitis, in general, any break in the skin will be felt a pain at best, when they will be affected by saltwith soda), diabetes.It is strictly forbidden to take such a bath during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can I take a soda bath

physically - is possible, if you do not have problems with heart, blood vessels, or any of the conditions listed above;or if you are pregnant.But it does not help to lose weight, so that in fact, if you are guided by the aim to lose weight, take a bath - is meaningless.All that you lose - a little more than a kilogram of water, which will derive from the body with sweat and just will dial back when you drink any drink, and the time you spend on the "process".