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Oily and sweet foods for a few days impairs memory

about the dangers of fast food and any other food containing a high percentage of fat or sugar, has long been known to everyone.Research scientists have repeatedly proved the danger of such food.Besides the fact that fast food can lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease, people who regularly drink it, has all chances to face in the near future with memory impairment.

recent study of Australian scientists are only confirmed that exactly one week specialists were fed laboratory mice foods high in fat and sugar, and then check the brain of rodents, were surprised that the brain area responsible for memory (the hippocampus), inflamed.

People usually happens in the brain when something like that regular intake of fast food.Reduced cognitive ability, memory deteriorates significantly, and there it is about the fifth or sixth day.Now scientists are going to find out whether it is possible to restore the memory with the help of proper nutrition.