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Tomato diet will help in the fight against breast cancer

Tomato diet will help in the fight against breast cancer Recent research experts from Rutgers University, located in the United States have shown that tomatoes and products made from them, can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer.The information is particularly relevant for post-menopausal women.Results of the study are shown in the "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism."

known that with the onset of menopause, women are at risk of breast cancer, especially if they have a body mass index increases.Ranee bylo dokazano that risk dannogo zabolevaniya snizhaetsya pri povyshenii urovnya adiponektina, which to tomu same sposobstvuet regulirovaniyu obmena zhirami in organizme zhenschiny.

The study found that the substance lycopene contained in tomatoes, has a positive effect on the concentration of substances in the blood adiponectin.Scientists have promised to conduct additional tests to accurately identify the impact of the principle of lycopene as an anti-carcinogenic substance.

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