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Scientists have figured out how to lose weight without having to diet

American scientists from the Cancer Center.Hutchinson (Seattle) believe that the most effective way to keep the weight is normally a regular calorie counting.If you follow this rule, then a month later will be seen noticeable results: you can lose 3 kg or more.At the same time, scientists believe that it is not necessary to radically change the diet and restrict your diet.

Experts from the cancer center conducted an experiment among 125,000 women with excess weight.Participating in the experiment were divided into two groups: the first group of women counted every calorie eaten meals, and the latter simply comply with the same diet.

following results: the ladies of the first group lost weight 3-4 kg per month.Scientists explain that the person is usually not well watch your diet, if he is hungry.But it is necessary to start to control the calories, you can lose weight at the expense of informed refusal of those or other high-calorie foods.

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