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Living near the airport and obesity ...

Living near the airport and obesity ... Strange but true!The noise of aircraft turbines can adversely affect not only the person's hearing - a recent study by Swedish scientists showed that the powerful roar of planes for a long time causes the development of obesity and hypertension.So say researchers from the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm), which are about 10 years studying the state of health of the inhabitants of that part of the Swedish capital, where the airport is located.

Scientists claim that the people who live near the airport of Stockholm, has a little more compared to waist circumference than those in the rest of the city.While experts found only one explanation for this phenomenon: a lot of noise of motors constantly take off and land aircraft causes irritation of the human nervous system, so that there is an increase in blood levels of cortisol, which in turn contributes to an increase in body fat.

Charlotte Erickson, one of the authors of the study: "The drone aircraft turbines leads to metabolic disorders in humans, wh

ich increases the risk of obesity."