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5 most effective diets 2014

5 most effective diets 2014 has not yet passed the half year, and American scientists, nutritionists have compiled a list of effective diet programs for weight loss!Best US nutritionists studied the dietary dozens of different techniques, but only five types of diets were in the list of the best and safest food rations.What kind of diet, we find out now!

first place experts have given a diet called DASH.This diet is designed primarily for people suffering from hypertension.The essence of the diet is to eliminate all fat and salty foods, replacing them with foods rich in protein, potassium, calcium and fiber.Next in the ranking is diet TLC, directed against cholesterol.It is necessary to remove from the diet of fatty foods, such as sausages and dairy products.

Third place: diet Mayo Clinic Diet, which consists in the use of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.Fourth place in the ranking of diets: Mediterranean diet, and in fifth place - "Weight Watchers diet."The meaning of the latter is to calculate how many calories you need

to consume a day and make the appropriate menu, and drink more liquids.

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