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Scientists on healthy eating.

Scientists on healthy eating. Russian gastroenterologist Andrew Avakimyan in a recent interview with the newspaper "Arguments and Facts" talked about this as a food, dietary diets and lifestyles in general."Before, people were suffering from a lack of food and often starved to death - says Avakimyan - now the time has come when people have every chance of dying from an abundance of products."Many diets, according to the doctor, can not always be useful for those who want to lose weight, so you need to choose for themselves a certain diet, after consulting with a nutritionist.

«I want to say also about the usefulness and the dangers of a mineral or bottled water.Yes, mineral water contains healing substances, but constant use is not recommended.The same applies to bottled, which, incidentally, survived, not all useful minerals ", - says Andrey.

doctor recommend that you have the infield, where you can grow vegetables, fruits and berries - so you can protect yourself from the harmful substances contained in foods that are importe

d from other countries.Do not be amiss to give up the sausages, fatty foods, as well as more time to sleep.

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