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Useful properties of celery for men and women

Useful properties of celery is very extensive.Because it is manufactured drugs for the treatment of liver and kidney.It is used in cooking, cosmetics and dietetics.Today we know what is so useful celery for men and women.

This extraordinary vegetable has a beneficial effect on the entire body.All its parts - roots, leaves, fruit - can be used as food. They provide valuable amino acids: asparagine, tyrosine, carotene, as well as niacin and essential oils.Celery is rich in vitamins K, E, A, thiamine, riboflavin, ascorbic acid.First of all, useful raw celery.Two stalks of celery cover the daily requirement of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Useful properties of celery:

- slows the aging process, because it includes all the substances that provide normal functioning cells of the body;

- Thanks to the B vitamins, which it contains, calms the nervous system, fights stress and irritability;

- reduces blood sugar levels, improves the water-salt metabolism;

- celery make drugs that normalize the liver and kidn


- Essential oil of celery root increases the secretion of stomach.It helps people with problems of the digestive system, obesity, normalizes metabolism;

- Celery juice cleanses the blood of toxins, relieves skin rashes, diathesis, urticaria;

- has wound-healing effect.

Useful properties of celery for men:

Celery - useful properties for male potency

Men celery is important because it enhances the potency, as is a strong aphrodisiac.He has a positive effect on sexual function and increases libido.But this is their beneficial properties for men does not end there.The roots and stems of celery are used to treat prostatitis.The substances contained in them, improve prostate, supplying it with oxygen.

Useful properties of celery for women:

Useful than celery for weight loss?

Celery has beneficial properties for weight loss.Those who are active in their bodies and want to lose weight, celery is necessarily useful.It contains only 16 calories.Celery - a natural fat burner.If it regularly eat or do fasting days with his participation, it is easy to lose weight.He is a detox menu with the help cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.He brings excess water and eliminates constipation.

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