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Across Western Europe will soon face obesity

Across Western Europe will soon face obesity recent study of British scientists has shown that in 2025-2030 in Western Europe is expected epidemic of obesity.Previously, researchers have been presented some of the results that are obtained through a special computer program.In general, obesity threatens the world, but what awaits the country in Europe, has caused a shock of British experts.

Computer program predicts that in 15-20 years, almost all of the British (especially men) will suffer from obesity and overweight have.Scientists mainly blame big food corporations, "thanks to" that encourages mass consumption of high-calorie foods.If you do not adjust the policy of food companies, after 5-7 years the obesity epidemic will prevail over many European countries.

Besides the "thick" of the country of Ireland also are alarmed scientists, nutritionists, and other countries: Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the UK.British researchers stress that the Government of each of the following European countries should not only pa

y attention to the prevention of obesity, but also to help those who are already overweight.