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Your smartphone - the first mate on the way to losing weight

Your smartphone - the first mate on the way to losing weight can indefinitely pace yourself workouts, spending the whole day on their feet a lot and actively play with the baby - and fat.After all, the effectiveness of weight loss by 70% (or even more!) Depends on the supply, as it categorically it sounds.In fact, if properly and to the best to eat, you can lose weight all day long lounging on the couch watching television.So, send in the trash a beautiful new book with diets and begin to keep a food diary.

We have no idea how much we eat

Try at least one day meticulously record each eaten a spoonful, starting with a cup of tea and ending with the smallest candy.Before going to sleep remember how many have eaten for the day and compare with records.Do not be surprised that at least one third of the absorbed products "will be erased from memory."Forget about such minor things as hastily eaten sandwich with cheese or a handful of chips, pack of friendly colleagues, tend to all of us.But discipline is paramount, so we armed with a notebook with a pen and giv

e fight overweight.

Your smartphone - the first mate on the way to losing weight

Unfortunately, the old grandmother's method in the present conditions does not always give good results.Notepad can be easily forgotten at home or handle will not appear at the right time to celebrate a sweet snack.The intention to write something later as a free minute, often remains unrealized.So, to fill a notebook, need no less self-discipline than keep a food diary itself.And every day will have to analyze the record, count eaten calories per day, commensurate with the current physical activity, make the final table ... Tosca, and only.What to do?Where to find the time, energy and motivation for such a useful endeavor?The answer is in your smartphone!

Charge your phone, follow the diet

for the Android mobile platform is written a lot of applications for weight loss.You do not even have to count calories daily norm or "digitize" every apple.The program itself will determine the energy needs of the body, depending on the specified height and weight, will analyze how many calories you ate / spent, reminding when it is time to stop and draw a graph of daily progress.

Unfortunately, most apps in the Play Store - is translated and slightly adapted to their foreign counterparts.Therefore, your smartphone can "wonder" why do you need to lose weight during the growth of 160 cm and weight 65 kg.For many Americans, by the way, is the ultimate dream.Or, in the list of dishes not appear borscht, but there are mysterious artichokes.

Your smartphone - the first mate on the way to losing weight

But a couple of Android-applications originally written and understandable Russian women still exists.We need only to look good.For example, the program "Lose weight without dieting."It is nice and simple application which is convenient to keep a food diary and exercise.The proposed dishes are known and are found in the diet of everyone, and in the list of loads there are even washing windows, weeding and standing in the queue.If the time to methodically rewrite dinner are sorely lacking, then at least a couple of seconds to take a picture of a plate full, just there - the picture can be made directly from the application.

developers even think about motivation.For a detailed and timely completion of all data - the weight of the morning to the evening mood - charged pearls.The more pearls, the greater the discount on the purchase of the program (starting price of 99 rubles).The most meticulous application for losing weight in general will not have to pay.Meet with the program can be free, for it is given 2 weeks.And in order to understand how the application works, enough for half an hour.

Install the program simple.Go to the Play Store and type in the search box "to lose weight without dieting."In the list that appears, select the application from Harmonic Soft (to be in the first place), click "Install", and after the installation is complete, click "open."The program will unpack the base product, and in a few seconds is ready to work.All.Please fill in the personal profile and lose weight under the supervision of your phone.Good luck!

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