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Scientists, nutritionists offer the best recipes from potatoes

Scientists, nutritionists offer the best recipes from potatoes

the first time with this glorious delicious root crop introduced us at the time Peter.Since then, it took many years, and people have been invented many ways of cooking potatoes, that is not enough for life to try each dish.But do not worry about this, according to scientists from the US, as not every potato dish retains all the valuable and useful substances.Paul Bethke and Shelley Dzhanski long time studied the effect of cooking methods for cooking on the beneficial properties of potatoes.

It is known that if the potatoes cut into small pieces and then boil or fry, the process of preparation of root crops disappear potassium, is a very important trace element for the maintenance of normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels.To avoid this, scientists are advised to cook the potatoes whole, then, as to cut it, or turn into a puree.Also, when cooked potatoes can be stored in and vitamin C: this vegetable to be omitted in boiling water rather than in the beginning of cooking.Cut potatoes best

knife made of stainless steel.

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