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Scientists have found another gene that leads to obesity

Scientists have found another gene that leads to obesity Diet, weight loss - topical issues of concern not only women, but geneticists, nutritionists, and other scientists interested in this issue.Researchers from different countries are constantly studying the causes leading to obesity.Recently, a group of scientists from the School of Medicine Mount Sinai was able to answer the tantalizing question of many people associated with being overweight.

As it turned out, the basis of obesity may lie hereditary factor, but what is to blame for the problem gene responsible for the extra weight.It is called CEP19.Among the ten full nine people have this gene, "thanks" to which a person is extremely difficult to reduce weight.Moreover, CEP19 may lead to the development of diabetes.Scientists have also discovered that a gene responsible to some extent for the human appetite, which leads to overeating.While scientists do not hurry with conclusions and further conduct regular research in this area.

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