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Milkshake is very harmful for the body

Doctors from the US, led by scientist Eric Stice during the research found that the most harmful among beverage products is fast food milkshake.This drink can be said to contain "explosive mix" for the health of any person, which is a mix of fat and sugar.Moreover, McDonald Visitors usually consume cocktails of milk with fried potatoes and your favorite high-calorie sandwiches, which further has a detrimental effect on the body.

researchers interviewed more than 100 students who prefer to drink a chocolate milkshake.The conclusion is not comforting: the brain of children and adolescents perceive the drink like a drug - when used stimulates the pleasure center in the brain.Furthermore, in the compound sugar with milk fat leads to obesity."People are becoming extremely difficult to restrain myself not to eat sugar, and is unlikely to help willpower if previously regularly annoyed the pleasure center in the brain," - says Nicole Avena, teacher Scientific Center at Columbia University.

Experts do not recommend drinking a milkshake to those who wish to lose weight.