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New interesting information about the Mediterranean diet

New interesting information about the Mediterranean diet scientists, nutritionists, this time from Spain, could once again prove that the Mediterranean diet is very useful to humans and able to reduce by several times the risk of premature death.Spanish researchers spoke about the benefits of polyphenols - substances concluded in seeds and red wine.They can prevent early death and thus extend the life of man.

scientists from the University of Barcelona and Tarragona held a series of experiments and found that the properties of the polyphenols contained in products that are part of the Mediterranean diet, it is extremely useful and necessary for the human body.Also, a survey was conducted among the population of Spain, which showed that people eating foods rich in polyphenols, a lot longer live the rest.

¬ęCertain polyphenols have some protective properties, protecting the body from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, so the Mediterranean diet can safely be called beneficial to health," - stressed the head of the research Rosa M. Lamuela.

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