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Tips dietitian about nutrition in the city

Tips dietitian about nutrition in the city Life in the big city, the capital accompanied by stress, increased nervous tension and lack of time.Because every person living in the city should think about how to maintain their health, and this means that in such circumstances should be fully fed and not abuse of harmful food.Nutritionist Oksana Skitalinskaya gives advice on how to eat right and be healthy, living in a big city.

«I sincerely believe that any citizen of the metropolis can always find at least a little time trying to pay attention and prevent the occurrence of various diseases, which are often for people in the big city - says Oksana.- Late spring, early summer - it is a great time to go to the vegetable market and buy fruits and vegetables there.They contain specific phytochemicals that protect the cells of our body. "

Dietitian also encourages residents of any city refuse "artificial" foods.It is a sausage, pasta, sausages, soups and noodles.As for drinks, according Skitalinskoy always beneficial green tea, red wine and organic