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Scientists: every third person in the world is overweight

Scientists: every third person in the world is obesity Scientists from the United States for some time conducted a series of studies and surveys, the results of which made a disappointing conclusion: almost every third person in the world now has a problem with being overweight.The latest research carried out by American specialists in many countries (total - 190 states).Scientists shrug: 20-30 years old on the planet is actually nothing has changed in terms of solving the problem of obesity.

More than one-third of people from all over the world is faced with the development of obesity, which is an alarming figure.Every year, these people only becomes greater.US researchers who conducted a scientific experiment, come to the conclusion that the increase in obesity is not dependent on the life of the country, the age of the person or any social reasons - excess weight can have everything.But there is a factor identified by scientists, which greatly influences the development of obesity - is, oddly enough, the improvement of the financial situation.

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