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The most dangerous age for a figure

The most dangerous age for a figure Specialists from the company for the production of dietary products Forza Supplements (UK) during the regular research and observations were able to establish a person's age can be the most dangerous for the figure.Scientists have for several years carefully analyzed information on several thousand Britons: take into account any changes in their body weight, nutrition, and taken into consideration the relationship with the partner and the time that a person spends at work.Results of the study are as follows:

At the fairer sex is the most dangerous in terms of the age of recruitment of excess weight - 35-40 years.As for men, they are "dangerous for the figure life time" is between 40 and 45 years.38 years, according to British scientists, for women - the most unfavorable age, when there is the greatest risk to spoil her figure, the men are, respectively, 43-44 years.

established that a third of women are beginning to gain weight after the first birth, about the same gain weight when getting marri

ed.Among men, according to the poll, 22 percent gained weight since gone through a divorce.However, most men faced with obesity due to higher material status and advancement in their careers.