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Three slices of bread a day increase the risk of obesity

Three slices of bread a day increase the risk of obesity Spanish researchers from the University of Navarre, it was found that regular consumption of just a few pieces of white bread a day can subsequently lead to overweight and even trigger the development of obesity.However, there is one "but": the bread from whole grains is not true.According to scientists from the University of Navarra, wholegrain bakery products do not lead to weight gain.

researchers conducted within five years of scientific observations and surveys, which were attended by about 10 thousand Spaniards.During the observation of the participants in the experiment it was found that eating more than 100 grams of bread, a man nearly 40 percent will be at risk of weight gain.On average, a slice of bread weighs about 40-45 grams, and if you eat every day, at least 3-4 slices, then there is every chance of excess weight gain.

Now it becomes clear why, for example, in Britain too high percentage of obese people, because every Englishman consumes for breakfast, lunch and even dinner toasts of

white bread.

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