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Scientists' best start a diet on Monday "

Scientists Despite the fact that the first day of the week in many people associated with heavy and not very successful day, when, after a relaxing weekend you must again do the work, however, it became clear that it was on Monday, the man best to start work on hisfigure.It is not just the beginning of compliance with dietary diet and fitness classes.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) in the course of scientific studies have shown that the best day to start to get rid of their excess weight - a Monday.American experts gathered statistics based on Google search queries, in addition, scientists have to analyze the data on attendance gyms.

It turned out an interesting detail: on Monday, most people are looking for information on the web about diets or fitness.Tellingly, not only to the end of the week, but also the end of each month, the interest of people to the diet slowly begins to decline."We call this phenomenon the effect of a fresh start, - says study author D.Riys - only on a particula

r day a person starts to take an active interest in how to change your life for the better, in particular, to lose weight.That's why Monday - the perfect day to go on a diet. "