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Russian nutritionists talked about diet happiness

Russian nutritionists talked about diet happiness Domestic dietitians have found that people do not adhere to the dietary diet often has a dependency on high-calorie foods.Food has long been for most people some source of pleasure, and depending on the reason for the most part is not the psychological and physiological nature.

4 years ago, scientists at the Scripps Institute conducted a series of experiments on rodents and concluded that sweet and fatty foods causes extreme neurochemical addiction.There are at least two neurotransmitters, due to which and there is food addiction: serotonin - the hormone of joy, happiness and dopamine - the hormone of energy and fun.When a person consumes sweet or fatty foods, the level of two neurotransmitters becomes high - a person feels happy and can not feel good without DRX such food.

Nutritionist Natalia Samoilenko advises anyone who uses the sweet or fatty, but wants to get rid of dependence, to replace these products for utility, which can also stimulate these two ingredients: fish and seafood, nuts, legum

es, fruits and berries, vegetables, buckwheat,ginger, spinach and leafy greens.In other words, eat only healthy, wholesome food, and be happy!

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