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Chicken breast: dish №1 slimming

Chicken breast white meat chicken breast has long acquired the status of a dietary product number 1, which is used in a variety of diets.And all thanks to its unique composition: low sodium content, the lack of meat in the composition of sugar, very high content of vitamin B3 and vitamin B6, higher content of phosphorus and selenium, and almost a quarter of the composition of chicken breast contains a natural protein.

contained group of vitamins B3 perfectly supports the health of skin and nails, has a positive effect on the metabolism of the human body and the nervous system. preserve the beauty of teeth and bone strength help zinc and phosphorus contained in the white meat of chicken.

However, please know that the chicken white meat contains a large amount of cholesterol, but it can harm the body in certain diseases.

dishes chicken breast have healing properties and are ideal for strengthening the immune system and restore the body physical strength.

trying to lose weight, many suffer from a lack of animal pro

tein in the diet, and for such people is the perfect dietary product is chicken breast without skin, which is introduced in a balanced diet.Bearing in mind that its calorie content should not exceed 1200 kcal (for people of medium build and height), which are found mainly in meat chicken.

calorie count should be based on the fact that the 100 grams of cooked white chicken meat without bones account for 95 kcal calories the rest of "eats" the broth.Combine the use of chicken meat should be some cereals, vegetables and fruits.Ideally suited for this leafy greens, contain large amounts of fiber, raw vegetables and rice.With such a diet is required to comply with one condition - the portions should be modest, and the menu varied.Adhering to such a diet for a week, you can lose 5 to 7 kg.

Another diet with a similar menu, designed for three weeks.Each main meal should eat 225 grams of chicken breast combining it with 200 grams of cooked cereal, 400 g of fresh, steamed or boiled vegetables, unsweetened fruit 2.As with any diet designed for weight loss, sweets categorically forbidden, but once a week you can afford a glass of dry wine.

In another embodiment, the seven-day diet on the proposed Boil chicken breasts 800 g skinless chicken breasts in 2 liters of water, not salt, it is permissible to add onions, roots and herbs.Dividing all 6 eat small portions throughout the day.

Chicken meat is part of the mono-diet.Variant one of them designed for 9 days, three days there for 1.6 kg of apples, three days - 1 kg of cooked chicken white meat three days - 2 liters of chicken broth.

version of the diet, including meat chicken breasts, there are many, they are easy to use, easy to prepare, fairly satisfying, tasty and well-tolerated by the body.One of the undoubted advantages of chicken breast is its availability and relatively low cost of the product.

matter taken chicken diet or sanitation, better to choose poultry and prepare it for a couple or a boil.Sometimes it allowed baking, but without the fat and, in any case, should not be present cuticle.Broth chicken breast is also a dietary product and has unique properties, helps with colds.

However, do not overdo it with chicken, in large quantities, it becomes harmful to the body and has a contra-indications in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, heart and liver.And, of course, any diet should be consistent with the dietician.

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