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"Blow up" the brain hyperactivity soda can ...

"Blow up" the brain hyperactivity soda can ... study of Australian scientists from Macquarie University (Sydney) has shown that excessive consumption of sweet drinks can change the amount of proteins in the brain.Experiments on mice have shown the harmful effects of the drink.University staff explained that if you often drink sweet soda water, whether it is Coca-Cola or "Sprite", the human brain undergoes changes in the protein, which results in excessive activity.

known that before the use of soda is often associated with the emergence of a number of serious diseases: heart attack, diabetes, or cancer of the pancreas.Australian scientists have identified the detrimental effect of carbonated water on the brain.During the experiment, the mice fed soda, followed by rodents became hyperactive.Jane Franklin, author of the study says that people need to minimize the consumption of such drinks, as in addition to changing processes in the brain has a chance to get well, and extra weight.