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Scientists know what time it is best to eat meat

Scientists know what time it is best to eat meat scientists, nutritionists, as a rule, always urge people to minimize the consumption of meat products, if not abandon the favorite beef or pork.However, there are quite a contrary opinion - if a man completely give up meat, then it is very bad for his health.How to be in this case?A new study by Spanish scientists has helped to some extent "to kill two birds": it turns out, at certain hours of the day receiving animal food brings great benefit to the human body.

A team of researchers from Spain was able to identify the most suitable time for lunch, when the meat foods give the body the maximum human energy charge: this lunch time from 13 to 14 hours.It was during this time period is useful to eat red meat and fish.Of course, you need to respect the rules of use: just a small portion of 70-80 grams, so that the body is fully satiated with useful substances.