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The world's population of more than two billion people are overweight

The world Over the past three decades, the total number of people suffering from obesity and having excess weight, has increased, rising almost 2.5 times: in the early eighties of the last century was full of people of about 860 million, now increased to 21 billion.So says the results of the long-term health study of people in the framework of the scientific program of Global Burden Of Disease Study, which was completed last year.The results were published shortly in the journal The Lancet.

More than 50 percent of people who are overweight, are citizens of the following countries: USA, Germany, China, Russia, Mexico, Egypt, India, Pakistan.For 30 years obesity has increased significantly among women in Egypt, Oman, Honduras and Saudi Arabia, and the male growth of this problem occurred in the United States, Bahrain, Kuwait and all the same Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the authors emphasize that within 30-35 years, and there have been no successful outcome in the fight against obesity.Klim McPherson, professor

at the University of Oxford said that if the people to strive for lower rates in 1980, when obesity has not been so widespread, then the need to reduce the level of food consumption to 80 percent.

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