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Created new miracle pill to burn fat

Created new miracle pill to burn fat seems that soon, finally fulfilled a long-standing dream of millions of women around the world!Surely every woman dreamed at least once in life to lose weight without observing the dietary diet and physical exhausting workouts.If you believe the scientists from the American company Zafgen Inc, in the near future, everyone will be able to do it to lose weight without much effort and sacrifice!

already confirmed the information that the United States completed a multi-year study on the problem of obesity.At its base it was collected quite convincing facts about a new drug that can remove excess fat.The principle of action of the drug based on the fact that the tablet does not affect the brain, but primarily on adipose tissue.Thus, the human body will continue to produce less fat and calories burned.

It has already created such a "miracle pill", but they affect some parts of the brain to suppress appetite.Such preparations identified a number of side effects, and therefore the necessary checks and tes

ts are not passed, as opposed to a new medicine.However, these pills will be available in about 4-5 years.

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