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Vegan diet helps prevent heart disease

Does a vegan diet to prevent heart disease? 5 years ago scientist D. Jenkins and his colleagues from the Canadian Toronto study found that a diet vegans (Eco-Atkins), consisting of a low-carbohydrate products, is very useful to fight obesity.Now Canadian researchers claim that this diet, in addition to weight loss, and can prevent cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Jenkins says that today there are many diets that contain low-carb products, but in most of these systems, there are also food and animal proteins to fats, which significantly increases the level of cholesterol.Diets same, which are based on proteins and vegetable oils, can help lower the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, such as adhering to the diet, a person does not allow to enter your body so-called "bad cholesterol" (lipoprotein lower density LDL).

In a study of Canadian scientists involved men and women (total - 40 pers.): The researchers divided the participants into two groups, one of which people followed a vegan diet Eco-Atkins.The result of the experiment is that the pa

rticipants of this group not only reduced the weight, but also cholesterol.Main products vegan diet: oats, barley, vegetables without starch, nuts, soy, avocado and oatmeal.

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