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Scientists: "Easy and fast weight loss will soon become a reality"

Scientists: "Easy and fast weight loss will soon become a reality" American researchers in the field of dietetics never cease to amaze people wanting to lose weight the most easy and effective way.Recently, scientists from the University of California have discovered a new type of fat that accumulates in the human body - brown fat.In addition, researchers are now able to reduce or increase its level, which will help to create a new super-efficient remedy against obesity.

became known that brown fat is usually in the area of ​​the blades and quite small quantities.People are obese, have little under the skin of his body this kind of fat.Plus special brown fat is that thanks to him actively burned cells "harmful" white fat to provide the human warmth.If the logical reasoning, then, the more brown fat, the more white fat consumed heat production.

How to run the "mechanism"?California experts know the solution: the body needs the protein interleukin-4, which is part of the ordinary and turn into brown fat, then people will inevitably lose weight.While experiments with

interleukin successfully held only in rodents, but scientists believe that the human body will react to the injection of interleukin 4 similarly.

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