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Smartphone and tablet - the enemy slim figure?

Smartphone and tablet - the enemy slim figure? Who would have thought that the obesity epidemic can be closely linked to the use of modern mobile phones, tablets and other similar gadgets?Experts from Northwestern University of Chicago (USA) claim that the plates touch and smartphones can be one of the important causes of obesity.Scientists explain that, first of all, keep in mind surfing the Internet and communication in social networks via mobile gadget at night - on their version, it is the use of your phone develops a strong sense of hunger that results in overeating and the emergence of excess weight.

main reason for this influence, according to the Chicago researchers, is a blue color that is strong enough radiated screen mobile phone.Already it proved a special relationship between the influence of the blue and "artificially induced" hunger (in other words, it is a stimulation of certain parts of the brain that are responsible for feelings of hunger): blue light enhances hunger for 2-3 hours.In addition, there is a risk that a person will

not feel full after eating implement.

It is also known that the blue screen smartphone or tablet reduces drowsiness, leading to insomnia.

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