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The scientists found the main condition for effective weight loss

The scientists found the main condition for effective weight loss team of researchers from Boston University (Tufts), together with experts Women's Hospital (Brigham) in the course of joint research came to the conclusion that maybe will help many gain lean body in the shortest time.It was found that in trying to get rid of excess weight, it is important not only to monitor their dietary calorie intake.According to a group of American scientists, it is necessary to take into account the time of eating, it is important, what time of day a person receives very hearty.

Specialists clarify: if you eat the most nourishing foods in the diet in the evening, then in that case it will be extremely difficult to get rid of the extra kilos.One of the study's authors explains Frank Scheer, which is the maximum calorie food present in your diet, you should try to 3 pm, otherwise, losing weight will take place very slowly.

In a study by American scientists participated 420 obese people, who for 4-5 months trying to lose weight.Participants were divided into two groups, one of w

hich volunteers ate the food until 15.00.According to the research, it became clear that the participants in the second group who consumed the food in the evening, have a much greater propensity to diabetes, while people from the first group showed good results.

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