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Nutritionists "Fasting can protect against diabetes"

Nutritionists "Fasting can protect against diabetes" Researchers from Cardiology Institute in the USA (Murray) found that when a person fasts and hunger in his body begin to leak some of the biological processes of nature that are able to transform harmful cholesterol, located in the cells of fat into energy.A week ago in San Francisco hosted the conference, which was attended by members of the Diabetes Association, where he discussed the results of research experts from the Murray.

Researchers and nutritionists recognize that a biological process that occurs during severe fasting or starvation, really helps in the fight against diabetes risk, especially if the person is in the pre-diabetic stage.In other words, at a relatively high level of fasting blood glucose, or fasting to help avoid the occurrence of diabetes.

Dr. Benjamin Horne also spoke about the benefits of fasting: "Fasting is not only protects from diabetes, but also can prevent obesity, heart disease and blood vessels, including coronary heart disease."The researchers stressed the import

ance of fasting regularly for several years to maximize the benefits.

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