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What kind of nuts are the most useful?

What kind of nuts are the most useful? Almost all nuts - a treasure trove of high-quality vegetable fat and protein, antioxidants, vitamins and other essential substances to the body.A reason for the high nutritional value of nuts is that it is in walnut tree or shrub, where he grew up, conclude all the necessary material for the rapid growth and development of the new plant.

What nuts are the most useful for the human body?

What kind of nuts are the most useful?
  1. Walnuts - the first place in its usefulness.
    content therein ascorbic acid is even higher than in lemons and oranges, as they are rich in iron and phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, vitamin PP group B. Daily use walnuts food helps to strengthen the heart and blood vessels, to withdraw excess liquid from the body,improve the condition of skin.
  2. Hazelnut (or hazelnuts) used for recovery.
    Hazelnut is a tonic and preventive products against a wide range of diseases: rheumatism, anemia, gastrointestinal diseases, urolithiasis.Hazelnut - a very high-calorie product.Therefore, they should not get involved in t
    hose watching weight.But a small handful of nuts will not hurt any diet.
  3. Pine nuts contain nutrients for the brain.
    in cedar nuts in large quantities present riboflavin, thiamin, copper, vitamin E, amino acids.That's why these nuts are essential for people exposed to severe mental stress: the substances contained in them, helps to quickly make up for lost energy, nourish and regenerate brain cells.

    What kind of nuts are the most useful?

    What nuts, healthy, recommend eating expectant mothers?Of course, the pine.These nuts are easily absorbed by the body, and micronutrients contained in them, are beneficial to the development of the nervous system of the future baby.

  4. Almond - nut for healing the body.
    Almonds - many favorite nut.It is not only consumed in the whole cheese or fried, but also widely used in cooking and cosmetics.Of course, the main value of almonds - in almond oil.It is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and E. Eating almonds promotes rapid cell regeneration, wound healing, strengthening the entire body.Vitamin A helps to improve vision.Also, almonds have a mild laxative effect, thereby perfectly cleans the body of toxins, normalize digestion.
  5. Pistachio - nuts for beautiful skin and rapid replenishment of energy.
    Pistachio recommended to use for people exposed to increased physical or mental stress.They perfectly replenish spent energy.Vitamins E, A, contained in them, a beneficial effect on the skin retain its youthful, prevent pigmentation.Also, these nuts are a rich source of fiber: in them it is almost the same as contained in the herculean porridge.

Use nuts for women and men

What nuts are needed most women?Of course, hazelnuts!It contains fatty acids and vitamins, essential for beautiful and healthy skin, shiny hair.Hazelnuts - a product for female beauty.
In addition, hazelnut valuable for women by the fact that helps to quickly make up for the loss of power when a person adheres to a low calorie diet.The use of small amounts of hazelnut not affect weight.
But men can not do without walnuts.They help to strengthen the male potency, are a wonderful means of prevention of prostate diseases.

What kind of nuts are the most useful?

must be remembered that all nuts are best consumed raw, fresh.This is because the body can receive the maximum of these nutrients.

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