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An apple a day contributes to a significant rejuvenation

An apple a day contributes to a significant rejuvenation Scientists, researchers from Queen's University, located in London, recently received some interesting results regarding the effect of apples on women's health.British doctors and nutritionists argue that if you eat at least one apple every day, a woman of advanced age will soon look much younger than his years!

participated in the experiment women of different ages, from 25-30 to 40-45 years.The study lasted for almost six months, and during this time each participant had the experience to eat one apple a day.When scientists finally have compared all the data and decided to predict the future state of health, and that is important, and appearance of the participants, it became clear that only one apple a day can rejuvenate a woman 15-17 years old!According to the researchers, the cause of healing the body lies in the antioxidants contained in apples.These substances strengthen the heart, pancreas and a number of other vital organs.

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