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Tyumen doctors know how to fight obesity

Tyumen doctors know how to fight obesity Virtually anyone in their lifetime can face the problem of excess weight.With this certainly must be addressed.Doctors from Tyumen insist that developed powerful enough effective means to combat obesity.At the Seventh All-Russian Congress of the therapeutic Tyumen doctors reported on their technique.Doctors recommend to fix physical condition with the help of fasting.

«way to lose weight is as follows: the patient completely stops eating during the day and uses only water, - the method of Stanislav briefly about ants, the head physician of the Tyumen Regional Hospital - fasting periods typically range from 10 days to two weeks.

Of course, the necessary preparatory stage and subsequent refeeding after starvation. "To eliminate the urge to eat, need special massages and baths.Doctors believe that the fight against excess weight in this way must be only under close medical attention.