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Obesity affects the girls' early puberty

Obesity affects the girls Girls who have a predisposition to be overweight before others their peers face increased production of hormones responsible for puberty.That is the conclusion drawn by researchers of one of the medical centers, located in San Francisco (USA).The results of the research have been published in the printed edition of Pediatrics.

Today too early puberty in girls is a fairly significant problem, which is already for many years psychologists and endometriologi from around the world.Challenges also lie in the fact that during this period the girl may be exposed to a lot of stress, depression, have low self-esteem, and under certain conditions, possible cases of suicide.

researchers conducted a study among tens of thousands of girls aged 7 to 14 years, and the conclusion was obtained by statistical - it says that still can not say for sure about the direct relationship of obesity with early puberty.However, observations have shown that the full maturation of girls experienced in the 8-9 years as opposed t

o the rest of the children, in whom this process takes place in 10-11 years.

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