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Gene diabetes is out of control

Gene diabetes is out of control November 14 around the world celebrate World Day against diabetes.On the entire planet this disease are about 350 million people.In Russian with diabetes about 12 million.According to the observations of doctors in the majority of cases have exposed people leading a sedentary lifestyle, as well as full-bodied.For the prevention of diabetes is recommended to periodically visit endocrinologist.This can help identify the disease in its early stage and to prevent possible complications.

endocrinologist from Khabarovsk Valentine Zubov predicts an increase in the number of patients with diabetes: "In 10-12 years with diabetes may be more than 2 times than now.Doctors strongly concerned about the forecasts, and now all of a patient having symptoms of the disease, doctors are sent for a blood test. "It was learned that a predisposition to diabetes lies at the level of genes.Identify it can be even more have not appeared in the light of the child.After the birth of the baby doctors give some advice to parent

s, following which, we can prevent the development of disease.

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