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Siberian scientists can pick up a diet of DNA

Siberian scientists can pick up a diet of DNA Novosibirsk researchers have created a special technology that allows each person to choose a particular diet, which will correspond to the structure of DNA.Novosibirsk organization with the name "My genetics", was the first to develop these technologies even in 2013, but the procedure was fully ready until the present time.

genetic research has lead to the fact that there is a new niche in the domestic market and soon the technology will be available to all people.It should be noted that the cost of the project too expensive, but there is progress, because it builds on previous developments."This is a major breakthrough in the field of science, nutrition, - the head of" My genetics "Alexander Cvetkovic, - in the foreseeable future, any person who wants to know their personal dietary diet can simply make use of our service, and after a brief action to obtain accurate detailed instructions."

results produced by the genes that are recorded in the system, and the client receives all the necessary info

rmation about diet, exercise, and it will be possible to know how a person to digest alcohol, caffeine and other substances and products.

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