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Drinks made from milk, help to lose weight

Drinks made from milk, help to lose weight Many people in the child caring grandmother fed milk, so that their grandchildren have recovered.Later, as an adult, when faced with the problem of obesity, we have to give up the drink, but soon everything will change: drink milk can not drink in order to gain weight, but on the contrary - to be slim!For this is to thank the scientists from Australia, who in the course of scientific research in the field of nutrition were able to identify new and useful properties of milk and based on it created a special drink range of properties which is very wide.

beverage makers claim that, first, this drink is absolutely safe for human health and can even be given to infants who were born prematurely.In addition, the milk drink is useful as people trying to lose weight and those who want to gain weight.

researchers explain: they have learned to split the detailed molecular structure of milk.On the basis of molecules and this drink was created."Super-drink" as it was called scientists, saturates the body quick

ly and effectively, improves metabolism, and can also serve as a conduit for the transfer of drugs to the site of various diseases.