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Scientists: "To lose weight, try a little frostbitten ..."

Scientists: "To lose weight, try a little frostbitten ..." The benefits of brown fat, a relatively recently discovered by scientists in the human body, and now and then there are new sensational reports from the scientific world.It is known that an adult has a very small amount of this precious substance that helps to lose weight and gain lean body.However, the results of new research by American scientists say that: want to lose weight by increasing brown fat - Stay a certain time in a cool place!

Specialists from the National Institutes of Health (USA) have found that, if a person stay for some time at a relatively low temperature, then in his body will start the mechanism of reproduction of brown fat cells, resulting in an increase in nutrients.

Within four months 5 male volunteers whose age ranged from 18 to 23 years, in order to experiment every night, and the night was in the room whose temperature has been lowered to 19 degrees Celsius.As a result, the number of brown fat in volunteers increased by 35 percent.The scientists conclude: the cold stimul

ates an increase in efficiency of fat.

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