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Scientists have told about the diet of primitive people

Scientists have told about the diet of primitive people Previously, various scientists of the world claimed that Neanderthal diet included only the meat of large wild animals, but recent research has shown that things are not quite so.Despite the established opinion that the ancient people ate meat only, in fact, they also ate plants.

Scientists have carefully studied the droppings, which were found in Alicante near the once existing parking Neanderthals El Salt.Through chemical analysis it was found that in the excrement contained various derivatives of phytosterols and 5B-stigmasterol, which clearly indicates frequent use of vegetable meal.

course, main meal was meat primitive, but contrary to popular belief, though the Neanderthals often "diluted" meat eating berries, nuts or tubers.The study's authors hope that this scientific discovery will see a slightly different side of the composition of the intestinal flora of man, but do recognize that the evolution of the digestive system is quite difficult to make due to the fact that some ancient human tis

sue is simply not survived.

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