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There will be a machine that prepares food for each person individually

There will be a machine that prepares food for each individually American scientists, engineers gather in the next 5-10 years to build a special machine that will prepare dietary foods for anyone wanting, though dishes will be prepared with an individual approach to every person!What is the main essence of this device and how will be cooking, read below.

The basic idea of ​​the mechanism is as follows: first, each person will be different tests on the basis of which will be revealed whether a person in the body of the lack of certain vitamins and minerals.There will also be taken into account, and a predisposition to dangerous diseases.It is important to note that all this does not make a team of specialists, but only one car!

After numerous tests the device will choose the right person for a personalized diet.Any dish will have as many nutrients as you need them to man.Scientists hope that this machine will become as indispensable thing in the kitchen is a microwave oven.However, it is not clear exactly how the miracle machine will prepare the food.

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