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Medical scientists learn to identify dangerous form of obesity

Medical scientists learn to identify dangerous form of obesity Recently, it was found that approximately 25% of people who are overweight, metabolism works absolutely fine, but it means that these people are not facing a diabetes of the second type, despite the fact that being overweight is often correlated withthe disease.Why do some overweight people have a considerable risk of diabetes, and others are protected from this recently told Austrian scientists.

According to the survey, which was conducted by physicians from the University of Vienna, it was found that a quarter of people who are obese do not have in your body the molecules of HO-1 or its level is very low.It became clear that the high content gemoksogenazy-1 (full name of HO-1) leads to the risk of diabetes, which is associated with obesity.

also Austrian doctors discovered another unpleasant property of a molecule: it can enhance the inflammatory process.The study's authors emphasize that the presence of gemoksogenazy-1 in humans with obesity already said that it is clearly the result of the comp

leteness of metabolic disorders, as well as provoking the risk of diabetes.

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