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Is it possible to lose weight after 30

Diet after 30 years Probably, many women notice how, after thirty years suddenly appear extra weight, even though the power themselves, and not changed.What's the matter?What happens to our bodies after thirty?

Usually in women older than 30 years is beginning to change the metabolism .If earlier it was enough a week to sit on a diet, and the figure has acquired ideal forms, now so quickly put himself in order not possible.In order to preserve harmony, will have to make an effort, diet after 30 years will have to stick to the time.We are all the time at work, in business, engaged in home, family, children, and all that we do not notice how slowly gaining weight.And more and more I look at the pictures which were so slim and beautiful, and think with regret that this will not be.In fact, at any age to achieve a perfect, slim figure, if you have patience and to strive for it.We often procrastinate.But we need right now, when you have just noticed the problem, deal with them.After thirty should pay attention to the slig

htest changes in the shape, then to not be excruciatingly painful for something that is not seen when and how to recover.

Muscle mass changes with age , and that after thirty years, these changes begin to appear stronger.We are less active than in his youth, hormones sometimes faltering.As a result of muscle every year remains downward.And in fact the bulk of the muscles consume calories received by the body.

  • Scientists from France, found that the average woman after 30 and 40 every year loses about 1-2% of muscle mass.
  • This means that the body needs less calories to maintain the same weight, each year it is necessary to reduce its daily diet of about 100 calories.

So with each passing year, we need to consume less high-calorie foods.Come to the aid of the table calorie products.If you know how much you need to consume calories per day, you can eat all you want, but with the condition that the calorie content does not exceed the specified standards.But we believe the calories?Does every year reduce your calorie intake?Most of us respond in the negative, so is it any wonder dialed kilograms and loss of visual appeal.

Because of the loss of elasticity of the muscles and skin changes, it becomes flabby.

«Age" set of extra kilos depends not only on the physiological changes very detrimental effect on the figures of various bad habits when less physically active life combined with the excessive love for sweets, or when the "thrifty" Mom eats your baby, even if the specialand it does not want to eat.
So is it possible to lose weight after 30?

Diet for women after 30 years

This option diets designed by nutritionists, diet balanced in nutrients."Diet after 30" is based on the principles of a separate food.

Breakfast: 100 gr.cheese, salad vegetables, 1-2 slices of rye bread or cereal, tea or coffee without sugar.
Snack: 1-2 fruits (apples, pears, tangerines, kiwi) and green vegetables (such as cucumber).
Lunch: Vegetable soup (or hash, beetroot).Lean beef (in batches of about a palm), 3 tablespoonsgreen peas and salad vegetables.
Snack: a glass of low-fat natural yogurt, fruit, 1-2.
Dinner: salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with 1 tsp. Olive oil, 100 gr.cottage cheese, 1-2 slices of bread.

Additional recommendations to the diet:

can not eat sugar.
Fresh green vegetables and herbs can be used without restrictions.
Drink daily at least 1.5-2 liters of water.

To maintain a healthy body are required exercise - exercise will help to keep fit, support and retain elasticity and slender body, give elasticity to the skin.

But most importantly, regular exercise will keep your muscle mass and your body will not be able to stock up on more than Zhirkov, even if you do not reduce your calorie intake.Sports improve the metabolic processes in the body - the food is converted into fat is not, and energy.

According to US research, if a woman is physically active, to 40 years in its muscle mass by 10-12% more, and the metabolism of 10-15% faster than peers, leading mainly sedentary lifestyle.

lose weight after thirty years to help training, alternating more or less intensity.

  • High intensity load last from 30 seconds to three minutes, then less intense load, in time it should be 3 times longer than intense.

principle of "strong tension - relaxation" can be applied in the morning run, when, after 2-3 minutes of intense jogging followed by 6-9 minutes of slow, and swimming in the pool and doing weights and skating ... If you are going to do30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week Latin dances, aerobics, engage in cardio ... you will always be in great shape.

Do not procrastinate the solution of problems of your figure.After all, you do start to treat yourself differently when you become slim through sports and nutrition.Love yourself, believe that everything is possible.You need only a little effort, tune in to achieve this goal, to show the strength of will and perseverance to some time looking at myself in the mirror and see a slim and beautiful woman.

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